Thursday, January 29, 2009

Behind The Scenes on The Doggy Costume Contest

I received behind the scenes photos from my doggy costume shoot. Just for the record, I didn't actually dress the dogs. There was a Doggy Costume Contest in West Hollywood for Halloween. I was fascinated so took a seamless backdrop and some lighting down there and hey presto, the perfect models appeared, wagging their tails an' all. I have to say, I found the owners to be just as interesting as their furry friends! I kind of wish I'd taken shots of them too.....

Stop The War in Gaza

Some snapshots taken recently at a Stop The War Demonstration for Gaza in London. The atmosphere was electric. People were angry, and rightly so. And it was soooo cold, f*cking freezing in fact, yet still people were out in force. I was glad to do my bit and be a part of it.

yes, that's me. don't mess with me or else i'll cut ya!