Thursday, December 30, 2010

Professor Brian Cox - You Magazine

At the end of Summer I shot Professor Brian Cox for You Magazine. The article came out on 12th December and the tearsheet is below.

Professor Brian Cox is probably best known these days for presenting the hit TV series 'Wonders of The Solar System', soon to be followed by a second series 'Wonders of The Universe', and accompanied by his book, of the same name.

And if by any chance, you haven't seen the book or watched the TV show (where have you been?!), you may remember him from the 90's band D:Ream (Things Can Only Get Better) or prior to that, the soft rock band, Dare.

Brian was a delight to meet and i was thrilled that we had such a strong foreboding sky as a backdrop for our shoot, it seemed very apt considering Brian's work as a Physicist.

To read more, here is the article:

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Some angel out takes

And here are some angel out-takes as promised.....I like it when he's laughing - it was quite an hilarious shoot, we had lots of interest from passer's by. Oh and it was also 0 degrees. I think the laughter is slightly hysterical. David said he was so cold he had lost the ability to think.....oops!

The Christmas Angel Takes a Break

Merry Christmas! I finally got around to making a Christmas card (well, a Christmas e-greeting) and here it is......

A very naughty angel taking a break from the Christmas tree to look at some filth. Scroll down to the video and see what happens when you do that.....

Nb/ buying the Daily Sport from my local newsagent was one of the more embarrassing things I have had to do of late. I even tried to fold it over to hide the shame but of course he had to look at the front to get the price. And yes, he then gave me one of those looks of surprise and amusement whilst i went a finer shade of purple.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Louie Spence in The Sunday Express

I just received this from my syndication agent, Camera Press. It seems one of my shots of Louie was featured last weekend in the Sunday Express and here it is.......

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Drums

Finally I got around to going through the Summer shoot I did with the Drums back in August.

I say Summer, I think there was actually a spot of rain during shooting, hence the umbrella.... Typical English Summer - a photographers nightmare.

Anyway, we still managed to get a few set ups that I was pleased with and here they are.......

Monday, December 6, 2010

Boy George & Mark Ronson exclusive!

Mark Ronson's new album, 'The Business Int' features Boy George singing (with Andrew Wyatt) on the single 'Somebody To Love Me' This is a great track..... Check out Mark's website to hear the song and see the video, featuring old footage of Boy George.

I was lucky enough to get George and Mark in the same room for an exclusive photo-shoot back in October and here are the tearsheets from December's Attitude Magazine.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mark Ronson

I recently shot Mark Ronson at Sony HQ.....below are some of the out-takes, recently submitted to Camera Press, who are my new syndication agency.