Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lotan in St James Park

Recently I shot Lotan Carter, a stripper with The Dreamboys, for Attitude Magazine. We started off shooting in St James Park but I was tempted by Buckingham Palace as a backdrop.....
Anyway, here is my edit from the park......

Lotan Out-takes

And here are some out-takes from the shoot at the Palace. I love the shots with the crowd in the background!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Chroma Journal

A while ago Chroma contacted me to ask if they could use an image from my 'Special Project' on Gender Identity to accompany an article written by M. Ana Bolica and Misster Scratch, who are the subjects of one of my photos.

Chroma is a bi-annual queer literary journal promoting edgy, lyrical, and challenging prose, poetry and artwork by lesbian, gay, bi and trans writers and artists from around the world.

I was honored to contribute to such a great publication and here was the page.....

Lotan The Stripper

Earlier this month I photographed Lotan Carter, a male stripper with the Dreamboys, for Attitude Magazine. 

This shoot was SO MUCH FUN! 

The idea was to shoot in St James' Park  against a flower bed but I was inspired by Buckingham Palace and we shot this during the changing of the guard.  It was definitely gorilla style shooting (as in we weren't supposed to be there).  We were surrounded by police who were luckily looking the other way and Lotan wasn't perturbed about dropping his pants at all.  In fact I would say he quite enjoyed it!

More shots from my edit and some behind the scenes to follow......

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My First Music Video

Here is the music video I shot a few months back.    It's not the most sleek but considering it was shot in half a day with zero budget,  I'm quite pleased with the results, although I do wish I had more footage to cut into the first half.
I love the 2nd half and the middle bit where I incorporate my stills photography.

I really enjoyed making the leap from stills to moving so the plan now is to get my reel together and do more, starting with an comedy corporate video shoot I am booked for tomorrow......


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gok Wan Tear-sheets

Below are the tear-sheets from my latest shoot with Gok Wan for Attitude Magazine.
Gok was a delight to meet and shoot.  He was so easy, natural and full of fun banter.  And of course we didn't need a stylist!

We shot at Gok's home in South London and I managed to exceed expectations in terms of shot numbers......will post my personal edit at  later date.....for now here is the published article.....


Here is my very cheesey contributors bit placed in the Louie Issue of Attitude.  What was i thinking?  'Sweating it out in Asia' sounds rather dodgy when i read it in print.  Oh well, i'm now off for a disco dance....