Thursday, June 24, 2010


Earlier this year I shot Sally Miles who is the chief executive officer at Passion Distribution. We shot at Sally's home in South London. The theme was "Desperate Housewives/ she's planning a poisoning''
And look at that chicken! I think every kitchen should have one of those.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Street Mirrors in Singapore

Sometimes I see something out and about and i get quite obsessive about shooting it from millions of slightly different angles. This happened with these street mirrors in Singapore. I was out with my camera and feeling slightly uninspired until I came across these mirrors. I ended up spending a good 50 minutes on this street corner taking random shots of the reflections and what looking at what happened when different cars, buses and bikes drove past.......I think the street is called Koon Seng Road, just off Joo Chiat Road.
And yes, there I am, looking quite ridiculous in my very short shorts. Boy, was it hot though!

Friday, June 18, 2010


I recently shot TV and celebrity psychic Michele Knight at her 'castle' in Devon. Michele's place is amazing, it's by the beach and in the countryside and is literally a beautiful castle. It was fabulous to meet Michele and spend the day there. I especially loved having fun with the donkey's. Below is my edit from the day. The final select is up on my website:

To find out more about Michele and for a psychic reading, visit her website at:

Friday, June 11, 2010


A few months ago I shot Dawn Airey and her family on a dairy farm in Oxfordshire. Dawn is Head of Channel 5 and her partner Jacqui is also a film-maker. They also have a beautiful daughter who was very excited about getting to dress up for the morning!
My original idea was to shoot it like an old Victorian portrait using a make-shift studio set up, so like a modern day Victorian family portrait.
However Dawn and Jacqui live opposite a dairy farm in the countryside so we decided to use that as a backdrop but still trying to date it so it looked like a portrait from the 'olden days'.
Of course it rained the whole way through the shoot but I'm quite pleased with the results, i think the dreariness of the day made the shots seem more authentic.
Below are some out-takes. The chosen shot is up on my website: