Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nikole Lowe.....

I re-edited my shots of Tattoo Artist Nikole Lowe and decided on a new favourite which wasn't selected in my earlier blog post. I like the energy, fun and confidence of this shot.....

Manchester Tattooist Louis Malloy

I recently shot award winning tattoo artist Louis Malloy at his studio in Middleton, Manchester.

Louis designed David Beckham's famous back tattoo depicting a bald, winged, angelic figure. Beckham calls the tattoo his 'guardian angel' and premiered it in 1999 after work finished in April that year.
Other celebrities tattooed by Lou include Spice Girls Mel C, Mel B, Victoria Beckham and Ronan Keating.

In 2007, Louis became part of Discovery Channel's documentary programme 'London Ink' featuring the daily happenings at his tattoo parlour.

It was a pleasure to meet and shoot Louis. I liked that he didn't want to necessarily be depicted in the stereotypical way tattoo artists are often depicted, holding a needle and covered in tattoos himself.

Below is my edit from the 30 minute shoot.....

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oooh-er missus.....

Check out this cheeky little fellow I shot recently.....do you think he's trying to tell us something?

Friday, April 16, 2010


I've been trying to figure out what interests me photographically about Singapore for some time now and I've realised a couple of things.

The ever changing skyline, skyscraper upon skyscraper, there is constant development here. Singapore is so small that everything is built upwards. Condo's are constructed but only have a short life before they are demolished so a new one can be put in it's place. The newness of Singapore's architecture was uninspiring for me until I started looking up at the looming buildings and examining the relationship they have with one another and the space around them.

The other amazing thing about Singapore is the actual sky and how quickly it changes from beautiful bright sun to thunderous monsoon. On one side the sky can be bright and the sun shining, yet if you look in the other direction, all you can see is grey cloud.

I took the below pictures whilst on the upper deck of a moving bus which was quite an interesting way of working for me as usually, when shooting architecture, I take my time to compose my shot. This was a lot more instinctive, with only 1 chance to Capture The Moment.