Monday, November 12, 2012

First Person Shoot for FT Weekend Magazine

I was recently commissioned by The Financial Times Weekend Magazine to shoot  portrait for the First Person Page.

Off I went down to Heathrow Airport to meet Gurkiran Singh Mann whose street has been overtaken by avid plane spotters.  

Here is how the image looked in the magazine.  It was published on Saturday.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

For Our Pleasure?

It seems I have greatly neglected this blog of late but things have been BUSY BUSY BUSY. 

I curated an Exhibition which is part of Photomonth 2012, East London's International Photo Festival.

The Exhibition is titled 'For Our Pleasure?' and is currently showing at the gallery in Hackney Picturehouse. If you get chance pop in and see it.  It looks great, photos to follow!

It is a thought provoking group photography and installation experience examining human interaction with the environment and animals, and culminating in a panel discussion at which the audience are able to partake in discussion regarding issues raised throughout the show.  

From stuffed Bison heads and taxidermy stag heads wearing make up, through to the work of four very different photographers, the exhibition looks at the way we, as humans, exploit and interact with animals in the created environment around us.

The Photographers are Martin Usborne, Daniel Kukla, Adrien Ehrhardt and Alex Grace.  The Exhibition has been curated and produced by Alex Grace